Friends ..  as most of you know .. I love to write about love .. and yes .. I love the fact that we don’t ever have to go looking for love .. simply because .. we spring from love itself .. for yes .. God is love .. and yes .. His love runs through our very veins .. it’s the bread and water of life that makes our souls crawl out of hiding .. it empowers us .. and yes .. it knows our very core .. for love sees our heart .. and yes .. is the answer to our every question .. for friends .. love is a gift we give not only to those we meet but a gift we give to ourselves .. so yes .. as we travel through life and face unsettling situations .. we simply take action .. haha .. that’s right .. we simply place our hand over our heart and we think about a time when we felt great love .. and friends .. it’s in that heartfelt place of love .. that yes .. we’ll be able to express ourselves in  a loving way no matter the situation .. for yes yes yes .. love is His gift for us to use .. and yes .. it’s always the answer .. for yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“There is no fear in love .. but perfect love casts out fear .. for fear has to do with punishment .. and whoever fears has not been perfected in love”




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