We all struggle with the impulse .. to critique .. to deconstruct .. and .. to dismantle .. we too easily write people off and assume the worst .. personally .. I have discovered .. I am my own worst enemy .. yet .. I see those sharp edges that need softening .. and .. I realize every problem has the same answer .. MORE GRACE .. for simply .. this may just be the answer to heal our hearts .. mend broken relationships .. and .. sooth that inner turmoil .. for you see .. grace is the grease that will fix the machine of humanity .. it will keep it going .. rather than grinding to a halt for lack of mercy .. we are our brothers keeper .. it is the way Jesus came and what saved our souls .. we are to lift each other up and share each others burdens .. so .. in the attempt to be what we hope to be for Him .. let’s stay mindful of this truth .. GRACE .. it’s the beginning of freedom .. and friends .. there isn’t a corner on this earth that doesn’t need more of it .. so let’s give back and give it . . oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“Bear one another’s burdens .. and so fulfill the law of Christ”



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