Friends .. it’s Christmas week! .. haha .. and yes .. as we move toward the big day .. I’m sitting here thinking of things I need to do .. haha .. and yes .. in my thinking I realize there’s many things I need to do .. however .. there’s one thing that I must do .. something I’ve carried around way too long .. and yes .. I encourage us all to do the same .. and friends .. that’s to simply stop our busy lives .. and simply .. reach out to someone we need to forgive .. haha .. oh yes .. how well I know .. it’s not easy to make the choice to forgive .. haha .. but friends .. we all know down deep in our heart .. living with unforgiveness can be downright dangerous .. for we’ve all heard it said .. “harboring unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies” .. and yes .. it’s true on so many levels .. for many illnesses have been link to bitterness and unforgiveness .. haha .. so .. in knowing this truth .. on this very day .. we simply give .. the gift of forgiveness to someone whom we may feel is undeserving .. haha .. and friends .. we do this .. simply because we know .. God expects us to forgive .. “no if’s ands or buts about it” .. for when we do .. we’re opening the door for Him to do great things in our lives .. and yes .. in the lives of those we choose to forgive .. haha .. so yes .. as we’re rushing around and making those last minute lists of things we need to do .. haha .. let’s add to that list of those we need to .. “let off the hook” .. haha .. it could be anyone .. anywhere .. heck .. it may even be ourselves .. for friends .. our gift of forgiveness will go a long way for Him to work in in their hearts .. haha .. and yes .. in our own .. so .. as we sit in our quiet solitude .. whatever time of day that may be .. we simply ask for a heart of compassion that in turn will release His love .. joy .. and yes .. perfect peace .. for friends .. the truth is .. when we’re obedient to that still small voice that touches our very soul .. and yes .. simply forgive those who have hurt and disappointed us in the past .. our Christmas will be brighter and theirs will be too .. and yes .. again we’ll see with our own very eyes and feel with our very own heart .. that simply .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Then Peter came up and said to Him .. “Lord .. how often will my brother sin against me .. and I forgive him? .. As many as seven times?” .. Jesus said to him .. “I do not say to you seven times .. but seventy times seven”

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