Last night I had dinner with my assistant and co worker Judy .. we went to Trebeache and had a wonderful evening of food .. fellowship .. and yes .. a whole lot of laughter .. I’ve been blessed tremendously to have this woman work for and with me .. I can honestly say that we’ve become friends .. she cares about our family .. she does everything she can to steer us in the right direction .. haha .. she’s full of life while being totally competent .. all at the same time .. and yes .. as all this is wonderful .. for me .. one of the most important things she’s done .. is simply .. allow me to be myself .. haha .. and yes .. she’s done this without being offended in any way .. she tolerates me on the days when I’m gruff .. and yes .. encourages me on the days when I’m feeling a little less than the next person .. yes friends .. I can honestly say .. when we have a “Judy” in our lives .. we are blessed indeed .. for these kind of people .. they’re few and far between .. and now .. haha .. it’s Christmas week! .. and yes .. as I sit here and think about the big picture .. my heart and mind goes straight to Jesus .. I think about the friendship we have with Him .. and yes .. how the longer we’re friends with Him .. we simply find .. we’re able to be a better friend to others .. for it’s through our relationship with Him that we simply learn to love .. that’s right .. and we do this .. in spite of and not because of .. haha .. for simply .. when He came to this world on that cold Christmas day .. He changed our relationship with God forever .. we’re now part of His family .. haha .. we’re coheirs with Him to the gift of eternity .. and yes sweet friends .. He wants our friendship .. for He .. like so many of us .. have experienced firsthand the loneliness of being human .. and yes .. He saw with His own eyes that simply .. as much as we need a Savior .. we also .. really really need a friend .. and yes yes yes .. what a better friend than He .. for He loves us so big .. and yes .. absolutely wants us to grow to our finest and fullest potential .. what a glorious Christmas gift for us all from “Love” Himself .. yes sweet friends .. we are blessed indeed .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“No longer do I call you slaves .. for the slave does not know what his master is doing .. but I have called you friends .. for all things that I have heard from My Father I have made known to you”

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