I love  to laugh ..  I love the way it makes me feel inside .. for .. it’s kind of like a way  .. to see and hear happiness ..  haha ..  yes .. it’s like happiness  .. made visible and audible .. the very sound of joy .. our happy treasure to cherish .. for friends  .. it’s simply ..  a gift from God ..  and .. the truth is .. humor itself ..  is an an amazing thing .. it releases tension .. it’s medicine for anxiety .. it’s like a tranquilizer without any bad side effects ..  and .. haha .. it’s free .. so .. let’s do this  .. let’s laugh every chance we get .. let’s .. let it be .. a shock absorber for life itself .. for ..  if we want to have less stress in our daily walk .. we need to learn to laugh at the circumstances around us .. that’s right  .. we must simply find .. the fun in the frustrating .. because friends .. I’m gonna  tell you the truth .. there have been times in my life .. where it would have been very hard to get through .. however .. with Him by my side .. and ..  pure laughter at it all .. I’m here today ..  yes friends .. we can learn to cope with our troubles .. by learning to laugh .. and .. by making others laugh ..  so ..  we all need to laugh .. for the bottom line is this ..  if we can laugh at it .. we can live with it .. and .. besides that ..  if we learn to laugh at our own troubles ..  haha .. we’ll never run out of anything to laugh about  ..  for yes .. life is full of funny situations .. and .. haha .. we’re constantly in the middle of one of them .. so .. we just get ourselves .. a good old fashioned laugh .. while soaking up ..  His love and peace .. right on through it all .. oh yeah people ..  Love Wins Period

“Being cheerful keeps you healthy.”



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