Oh yes .. the disciples .. they certainly took pleasure in being on the “inside track” with Jesus .. haha .. so much so .. that John .. he actually believed that anyone else performing miracles in Jesus’ name was wrong .. however .. it didn’t take long for Jesus to straighten this one out .. He essentially told John .. this is the bottom line .. “whoever is not against us .. is for us” .. and friends .. today .. we should think this way too .. simply realizing .. that Jesus .. He accepts those who do the smallest acts of kindness in His name .. for they too .. will be rewarded .. you see .. He promises ALL people .. not just the ones we think are worthy .. but also .. those very different from us .. the same kind of reward .. and that sweet friends .. comes straight from the Gospels mouth .. so get yourself out and share some of His love .. for today .. is a new day .. let us rejoice and be glad in it .. woo hoo .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“But that doesn’t matter .. whether their motives are false or genuine .. the message about Christ is being preached either way .. so I rejoice .. and I will continue to rejoice”


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