It’s hard to deal with death ..  the loss of a loved one  .. the pain is so strong .. and .. we don’t know how to let go .. we  know we need to accept the fact that we will never see this person here on earth again .. but still  .. it’s not easy to let go of the people who are so dear to us .. yet .. it doesn’t have to be hard either .. for .. when we look at things in total perspective .. it helps us to experience miracles in our lives .. it helps us understand life and death .. and .. it helps us realize how everything happens in perfect and Divine order ..  this quote sums it up well …

Love is stronger than death even though it can’t stop death from happening ..  but no matter how hard death tries it can’t separate people from love .. It can’t take away our memories  .. for in the end ..   life is stronger than death” 

Our hope wants us to understand that .. “grieving” .. is part of the healing process and it’s okay to be sad .. it’s just fine to cry .. after all .. God did give us tears ..  but friends .. we must keep in mind that life goes on and if we can’t find the inner strength to let go of the grief .. and .. “come back to life” ..  we will miss many precious moments with many of the people that are still alive that want to share their love with us ..  it can be really dangerous to stay in the grieving mode for too long and if we get stuck in this mode .. not only will we miss out on life by feeling depressed and unhappy ..  but we will also sadden the many beautiful people that are present in our life today .. for .. letting go does not mean we forget .. but ..  by letting go of the grief  .. we are able to realize that there’s so much more for us to be happy about .. and .. that we want to enjoy the ones with us here and now ..  expressing our gratitude for their presence ..  because at some point .. they as ourselves ..  will also leave this world .. and .. we simply .. do not  want to miss out on a single moment together ..  dealing with loss it’s not easy .. that’s why I decided to write this post .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

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