Friends .. it’s wise for each of us to search for God’s purpose for our lives .. and yes .. foolish to live without a clue .. for yes .. it’s certainly the ultimate way to live life at it’s fullest and fortunately for us .. God doesn’t play mind games .. haha .. no .. He wants us to clearly understand His perfect will for us .. for yes .. He knows when we’re looking toward the wrong things we’re only creating barriers in our lives .. the truth is .. His will for us is not about a feeling and it won’t be discovered through some emotional sensation .. His plan for our life is practical not mystical .. it’s not about a formula or some step by step procedure that we must rigidly follow .. haha .. no .. life just isn’t that simple .. so yes .. we need more than a formula and that formula begins with a friendship .. for yes .. He’s far more interested in us having a relationship with Him than He’s interested in us following a set of rules .. He wants us to get to know Him like He already knows us .. and it’s when strive to do this that everything else .. our career .. our family .. our goals .. our recreation .. our ambitions .. our finances .. our health .. and yes .. our friendships will begin to fall into their proper place .. just where they belong .. for now .. we’re following love and love is always the head of the plan .. for yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Do not be conformed to this world .. but be transformed by the renewal of your mind .. that by testing you may discern what is the will of God .. what is good and acceptable and perfect”



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