Friends ..  it’s on the High Road that God wants to meet with us  .. and yes ..  travel with us .. it’s that place we must make ourselves go wholeheartedly .. placing one foot in front of the other with the mindset that we will not talk badly about any situation .. that we will not allow anger and bitterness to take root .. nor .. will we be shut down or let any situation take us over .. for yes .. it’s on the High Road that He takes over .. for yes .. it’s where He resides .. and yes  .. we’re all  going to struggle with issues in our lives .. and I know ..  it’s easy to allow the roots of bitterness to get buried deep in our heart ..  oh but friends .. it’s in His plan that we allow those roots to bloom .. and no .. they won’t bloom with heart full of anger and bitterness .. however .. they will bloom beautifully with love and self discipline .. and yes ..  we can do this when relying on Him while keeping our faith and growing as we walk .. and yes .. at times this can be really hard .. but .. haha .. that’s why it’s called the High Road .. and yes .. we can thank Him today for the strength He’s given each of us to walk it ..  so .. come on now .. let’s do this .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts .. since as members of one body you were called to peace .. and be thankful”


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