Last night before bed .. I was thinking about Donald .. when he was seven years old .. he had a brain tumor .. after each surgery .. I would sit next to his bedside .. waiting for his little eyes to open .. I wanted to be the first face he saw .. for I knew then .. he would not be afraid .. friends .. it’s these moments in life .. that matter the most .. time spent with the people who matter the most .. it’s their faces we want to see .. and .. their voices we want to hear .. so .. this morning .. thinking off last nights thoughts .. my mind goes straight to Jesus .. and .. how He was there for Mary Magdalene’s most defining moment .. She was healed .. her body and soul were restored and ridded of the demons that plagued her very being .. Jesus was not only there for her healing .. He was the source of it .. so .. when Mary was freed from that unimaginable bondage .. His face .. was the first face she saw .. oh .. what comfort that brought her .. for you see .. Mary … she never forgot where she came from .. what she was saved from .. what she was capable of .. nor .. where she would be without Him .. but .. even with all that prior baggage .. she became His .. He loved her .. He saved her .. and .. He believed in her .. even when .. she had no idea .. there was another way .. another life .. or .. a new and wonderful journey ahead .. so for us .. my dear sweet friends .. man or woman .. we must remember .. we are all Marys in some sort of way .. ‘wretched people .. yet .. beautiful beings’ .. ‘sinners .. but .. saved’ .. ‘broken .. but .. beloved’ .. all simply because .. He lives in each of us .. and .. He loves us with an unconditional love .. and that .. haha .. makes for the beginning .. of another glorious day .. so .. get on out people .. spread some of His love .. right where you are .. for .. it’s absolutely .. the perfect spot .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“I keep my eyes always on the LORD .. with Him at my right hand .. I will not be shaken”


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