A simple play kitchen sits in our living room this morning .. our two year granddaughter is awake and cooking away with with her play phone up to her ear ..  along with the pan on the stove making a sizzling sound .. haha ..  just as if ..  she was frying up some bacon for our breakfast .. haha .. I have to tell you .. it’s a beautiful site .. her little self over there .. busy as can be .. oh goodness .. the joy that swells in my heart as I watch these babies enjoy themselves ..  smiles and laughter fill this house when they’re here ..  what a gracious gift that God has given us ..   as I  sit here and watch her play .. she’s so busy her little legs can’t keep up with her body .. so .. she tumbles and she falls ..  haha .. then she gets back up .. and yes .. tumbles and falls again ..  which has me thinking just how early this starts for us in life .. all of us .. we’ve been tumbling and falling .. haha .. and yes .. getting back up for years .. and friends .. we’re able to do this .. for the truth is  .. God’s made us strong .. He’s made us durable and able to take a hit (so to speak) .. yet still .. we get back up .. and yes .. we keep running that race .. haha ..  and no friends .. it’s not how fast we run .. it’s the direction in the way we run that matters .. we can’t run with the enemy .. for that direction .. takes us straight to …  haha ..  so  .. we run the race with Him ..  we run the race He’s set before us .. no .. it’s no ordinary race .. this race we run .. haha .. it’s a contest in daily progress to become more like Him .. haha .. no .. it’s not against other opponents .. but against ourselves .. striving to become a little bit better today .. than we were yesterday .. haha .. yes .. the race we run .. is a conflict in the fact that there is an internal struggle of our soul .. our natural state is bent toward .. well .. the not so nice .. mixed with .. haha .. pure laziness .. yes .. this race we’re running .. it requires discipline and activities that enable us to grow .. yes .. to grow and mature in a likeness to Him .. sharing with all we meet .. His unconditional and undying love He has for us .. His children .. haha ..  funny what a simple play kitchen can bring to mind .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us ..  fixing our eyes on Jesus .. the pioneer and perfecter of faith”



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