They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery .. haha .. it may be true if you’re an Elvis impersonator .. well .. a good one that is .. but sometimes .. it can make us look a fool .. trust me .. I know .. haha .. oh but friends .. it’s when we quit following suit and begin telling God our own ideas .. then .. patiently .. seek and wait .. no matter how difficult .. haha .. for Him to reveal what He wants us to do .. that we  avoid .. emotional .. unwise .. and .. selfish decisions .. for .. we have clung to our faith .. and .. we are now compelled to move forward with joy .. haha .. that’s right .. for the truth is .. when He prompts an idea .. He’ll keep it in the forefront our minds .. we won’t be able to forget  .. and .. we won’t be imitating anyone .. but Him .. ahh yes .. leaving us with nothing but the desire .. to pursue and seek more .. with full anticipation of His answer and His plan that’s made .. just for us .. for simply .. when we operate through His power .. we’ll find ourselves able to do far more that we ever imagined .. we’ll be confident and have perfect peace about what we’re doing .. even when .. haha .. we don’t know what’ll  come next .. for simply .. we know .. He’ll direct our thoughts about that as well .. no friends  .. He never expects us to know everything .. however .. He does expect us to trust .. while giving us the confidence to keep moving .. for it’s when we follow His plan .. there’ll be no emotional turmoil about the decision we’re making .. for .. He’s in control of everything .. and .. because we trust Him .. and we know ..  He works everything out for good .. haha .. there is nothing He’ll direct us to do that’s not best for us .. therefore .. there’s nothing to be in turmoil about .. bottom line .. we can always trust in whatever He tells us to do .. even when it doesn’t make sense in the limitations of our own human wisdom .. haha .. for friends  ..  that simply .. doesn’t matter .. yes .. imitators of Christ .. the perfect goal for the perfect role .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“As for God .. His way is perfect ..  the Lord’s Word is flawless ..  He shields all who take refuge in Him”


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