Oh .. the power of the tongue .. we  say something we later regret .. then we act like it was someone else who said it .. like our evil twin or something ..  haha .. then we say .. we didn’t mean it .. when we really did .. we’re  just too embarrassed that our tongue has totally betrayed us by letting everyone else know how we feel .. or .. we say we are sorry and we were just not thinking  .. well .. that’s right .. we weren’t thinking .. for a brief moment .. the filter between our heart and our tongue was removed .. and all the gunk in our heart escaped through our mouth .. so .. what we ought to do instead of claiming .. “the devil made us do it” .. we instead .. simply confess our wrong .. acknowledge that we still have a lot of ugly stuff in our heart .. but .. that our God  .. oh yes .. He is in the process of cleaning it out day by day ..  the good news .. we know it works the other way too .. if our heart is full of joy .. hope .. and .. thankfulness .. then our words will be .. joyful .. hopeful .. and .. thankful ..  for .. the key point and what we need to understand is this .. the goal fundamentally .. is not to change our speech but to speak more lovingly .. the ultimate goal is to .. love .. and .. to let love fill our heart .. and .. our mouth …  Jesus said Himself .. “Make a tree good and its fruit will be good” .. our words are the fruit .. they’re the expression of what’s in our heart .. so it’s simple .. we need to change our heart .. and .. then the words will follow .. we not only need to attack our bitter speech .. we need to attack the bitterness that’s at the root of this  speech .. not only attack those arrogant words .. but .. attack the pride that’s at the root of those words .. for words are important ..  but what’s even more important .. is what they reveal about our heart .. because that is where the real battle starts .. oh yeah ..  Love Wins Period


“If you claim to be religious but don’t control your tongue .. you are just fooling yourself .. and your religion is worthless.” –  James

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