Like most of us .. I’ve experienced a lot of love in my life .. and yes .. as with most of us .. a big part of the love we’ve received has been somewhat  “conditional” .. haha ..  you know .. the kind of love that loves  as long as we perform to someone else’s expectations .. oh yes ..  it’s a love we’ve all shared  from both Believers and non Believers .. no  .. there’s been little difference in the two as far as the love they’ve shown .. and yes .. when we sit and think about it .. we’ll most likely find that we’ve shown that same kind of love to others ..  and for that ..  shame on us .. oh but friends ..  it’s when we truly form a solid relationship with God .. that yes .. our love for others as well as the love for ourselves .. simply changes .. for yes .. it’s when we really “get” the full picture of how remarkable and accessible and totally “unconditional”  His love really is .. we want to feel the same way toward everyone we meet .. we want to share it .. and yes .. we want to shout about it  .. simply because ..  we want to be more like Him as each day passes .. oh yes sweet friends ..  it’s in our new life with Him that we find a fullness we can’t find anywhere else .. haha .. and no .. it doesn’t come laced and smelling of sweet perfume .. for yes .. Jesus Himself began His earthly life in a smelly  damp stable .. He tasted real life .. and yes .. that is the flavor of our journey with Him today .. no magic ..  just the promise of His very presence day in and day out ..  for yes .. our faith simply rests in Him and in His unconditional and life changing love .. so yes again ..  haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“In this the love of God was made manifest among us .. that God sent his only Son into the world .. so that we might live through him .. In this is love .. not that we loved God but that he loved us”


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