I love to watch God work in our lives .. He does it so effortlessly .. of course .. haha .. He is God and has that ability along with so many others .. however .. it we pay attention we’ll simply see that on a daily basis He arranges situations for us .. and yes .. He does this .. haha .. even when we’re not in them .. simply so .. when we do step in .. haha .. we experience the blessings .. yes friends .. through time most of us have simply learned .. it’s so much better to depend on Him and His strength .. rather than to depend on our own .. haha .. for the bottom line is simple .. what we can control .. we should control .. and yes .. what we can’t control .. we should simply give to Him .. for we trust .. one hundred percent that with Him at the wheel .. everything truly is under control .. and yes .. haha .. therefore our journey .. makes for a much smoother ride .. and yes yes yes .. we all love a good ride .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart .. and do not lean on your own understanding .. in all your ways acknowledge Him .. and He will make straight your paths”



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