Friends .. it takes whole lot of time and energy to harbor anger and resentment toward others .. haha .. as well as toward ourselves .. as a matter of fact .. it’s down right exhausting .. think about it .. all the energy we give to negative activities while dwelling on regrets .. simply takes away the energy we need to become the person God wants us to be .. for the truth is .. we have many choices in life .. everyone we meet will either take us in a positive direction .. or  yes .. rob us from moving forward ..  and no .. forgiving ourselves doesn’t let us off the hook and it doesn’t justify what we’ve done .. nor .. is it a sign of weakness .. no friends .. forgiveness is a choice that takes courage and strength .. that’s right ..  it gives us the opportunity to overcome rather than to remain a victim of our own scorn .. so yes .. when we learn to let go and let Him take the lead .. we begin moving in the right direction .. and yes .. the healing process begins  .. so yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

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