Forgiveness is seldom a one time affair .. we have to consciously seek to forgive again and again and again .. haha .. one minute .. we may feel that we have let the matter go .. and .. then the next minute .. a painful memory rises up that must be dealt with .. then ugh .. here we go again .. friends .. the root of bitterness goes deep .. the deeper the hurt .. the more difficult is the work of forgiveness .. yet .. what we must remember .. forgiveness is a decision of the mind and of the heart which must be reaffirmed over and over and over again .. oh yes .. we can say .. “I forgive you” .. but even as we say those words our heart remains angry or resentful .. we want to hear the story that tells us we were right .. we still want to hear apologies and excuses .. we still want the satisfaction of receiving some praise in return .. haha .. if only the praise for being so forgiving … however .. if we are to be imitators of Christ .. we have to forgive unconditionally .. from a heart that demands nothing from itself .. a heart that is completely empty of self seeking .. for .. it’s this divine forgiveness we have to practice daily .. it challenges us to step over all our needs for gratitude and compliments .. it demands of us to step over that wounded part of our heart that feels hurt and wronged .. and .. it encourages us to let go of that need to be in control .. because the truth of the matter is .. the act of forgiveness may never heal the relationship .. and .. it may not affect the other person at all .. but still .. we extend forgiveness .. no matter what .. for forgiving others is an act of trust toward God .. we forgive because we choose to do what is right .. not because of the response we hope to get from the other end .. nope .. we can’t wait for someone else to make the first move .. we must abide by the rule .. forgive as He has forgiven .. after all .. He did make the first move toward us .. haha .. let it go .. give it up .. throw it away .. for now .. we can live free of that burden that binds us .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

Peter came to Jesus and asked .. “Lord .. how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? .. Up to seven times?” .. Jesus answered .. “I tell you .. not seven times .. but seventy-seven times”


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