Morning three of our family “holiday” ..  and yes .. again what a beautiful day we’re given ..  haha ..  yesterday was a day filled with lots of sun .. laughter .. and yes .. the Blue Angels air show .. wow .. what a treat that was for us all ..  as they made their twist and turns in the incredible talented .. and yes .. skilled way that they do .. haha .. all I could see was the smiles and wonder on the faces of those I love so big .. the laughter and excited we shared together was so much bigger and better than any show on earth ..  haha .. which take me to our God .. and yes .. how faithful that He is .. He makes our days complete .. He gives us eyes to see the little things that make the difference in a day ..  we just need to keep them open  .. and yes ..  stay in the present .. while yes  .. soaking up the love that comes from those around us .. yes friends ..  we need to learn to focus on what’s most important .. haha .. Him .. and yes ..  each other .. for yes  yes yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Let all that you do be done in love”


(thank you Susie for this incredible shot!)

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