I always remember Christmas morning as a quiet time growing up ..  I don’t know why .. because my family was always bigger than life .. but  .. I would wake up early ..  get out of bed before anyone else .. for .. you know ..  I had to see what was left for us under the tree .. so ..  I would sneak into the living room and just sit in that Christmas morning quiet ..  something about that stillness drew me in .. haha .. maybe that’s why I still to this day .. am driven to get up before the crack of dawn .. for friends ..  it was the quietness of the morning ..  I could hear .. the echoes of peace .. and ..  the angel songs of long ago .. the air was filled with expectations of the opening of gifts .. time with our family and friends .. along with .. the  tasty food that would certainly be served  ..  haha .. oh but .. time  .. it changes some things .. today many will find the morning filled with the stresses and anxieties of life .. oh yes .. far more that ever imagined as a child .. for most of us  .. we awake with the knowledge of the world .. so much more profound .. than we ever thought possible as a child .. for .. it is now .. as an adult .. with the knowledge of good and evil .. that we come to Christmas morning .. battered and bruised by life .. oh but .. never  ever defeated .. although .. haha .. being a child again would have it’s benefits ..  we know ..  the quietness of Christmas morning  .. it’s still here .. for friends .. there is a peace .. that none of  us on earth have managed to corrupt in all of these years .. yes .. the angel songs are still there ..  and now ..   we simply .. understand them more ..  for this morning .. is all about God .. and .. His announcement of goodwill toward people .. all people .. everywhere … for on this morning . . He looked down from the heavens and saw our need .. and  .. because of our need .. He sent us the greatest gift of all .. the child who came to be with us .. to walk with us .. to suffer with us .. and .. to rejoice in victory with us .. yes .. Christmas morning is still quiet  .. it could never be anything else ..  for in the stillness .. we hear the snuffle of the donkey .. a mother’s reassuring words .. a father’s gasp of joy .. and .. a baby’s gentle cry .. for in this quietness .. we hear that announcement .. the good news .. of the Son who was born .. who was called Jesus .. and .. who came to save His people from their sins .. for you see .. it’s in this gift .. we receive eternal life .. so on this still quiet morning .. before the kids wake up and tear the room apart .. we soak up that still peace .. while accepting .. the best gift ever .. oh yeah people ..  Love Wins Period  ..  and … it’s from my heart to yours ..  I say ..  Merry Christmas Everybody!

“Glory to God in the highest .. and on earth peace .. good will toward men”





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