When I heard the news of Prince passing yesterday .. my heart was saddened .. I’m sure most of you felt the same way .. you see .. he and I .. we were born a year apart .. I saw him when he first came on the scene .. wow .. he was an awesome musician .. songwriter .. and .. entertainer .. no doubt .. but what I remember most about Prince .. as we basically grew up together .. was his undying faith in God .. he always gave thanks to his Creator .. and .. never seemed to let the distractions of life keep him from that .. oh yes .. he went through the trials .. he dabbled in the ways of the world .. as most of us do .. but .. he always came back to his foundation .. his roots .. and yes .. he always seemed to be content .. I loved that about him .. haha .. so .. as I sit here this morning .. I’m thinking about .. what contentment really means to me .. and .. that’s simply .. being totally satisfied .. with what we have .. and .. with who we are .. right now in the place we sit .. oh yes .. haha .. what a wonderful way to live .. and friends .. the truth is .. once we realize that being content .. is actually .. an attitude we learn .. rather than .. a thing we achieve .. we can be content regardless of any and all circumstances .. for simply .. it has nothing to do with them .. and all to do .. with what God .. is doing inside of us .. and yes .. the good news .. we can all learn to be fully content with who we are .. what we are .. and with .. what we’re doing .. for .. it’s simply .. through our relationship with Him .. that we can learn this truth .. so .. we thank Him daily for .. what we do have .. instead of .. focusing on what we don’t have .. for you see.. this is the life Prince lived .. a short life yes .. but .. a big life that impacted so many of us .. and friends .. today .. we have the contentment of knowing .. we too .. will join him and all the other greats that have gone before him .. one day in our heavenly home .. where yes .. we will dance .. and yes .. we will party .. haha .. like it’s nineteen ninety nine .. so .. come on now .. let’s get our eyes off the outside .. and .. let Him continue His work on the inside .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“Always be joyful .. never stop praying .. give thanks no matter what happens .. God wants you to thank Him because you believe in Christ Jesus”

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