Friends ..  we’re all dealing with something in our lives ..  and yes .. more often than not .. haha .. when a problem arises inside our circle or even around it .. we all of a sudden form this thinking that for some reason .. haha .. we have to put our life on hold to firmly contribute to the solution .. haha .. however .. the truth is .. when we abandon our life and routine .. we’re not finding a solution .. no way .. we’re actually contributing to the problem while totally delaying the process .. for yes sweet friends .. more often than not ..  the solution comes when we simply stop obsessing about the problem .. and yes .. let go enough to live our life and return to our daily routine .. for friends .. we don’t have to give up our power to problems .. but we can indeed by faith .. take our focus off the problem and direct it back to our lives while simply trusting that by doing so .. God can .. and yes .. He will .. bring us closer to the solution .. for yes .. yesterday .. today .. and forever  .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Be strong and courageous .. do not be afraid or tremble at them .. for the LORD your God is the one who goes with you .. He will not fail you or forsake you”


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