Good Friday .. the day of reflection has come .. and yes .. we can simply .. imagine and feel .. the anquish and confusion that Jesus’ followers felt that day .. not only were they experiencing the loss of a dear friend .. but for a time .. they too .. experienced a loss in their faith .. just like what can happen to us today when we lose someone we love .. and simply .. can’t understand why .. but friends .. our hope .. will always tell us .. there’s a reason for everything .. even when we can’t see it .. and yes .. for them .. this day and this Man .. He was not only their friend .. but .. their Lord and Savior .. and God .. He was silent .. they heard nothing but the sounds of pain and agony around them .. yes .. everyone’s faith was being shaken .. and .. as we close our eyes today .. we too .. can see Him .. hanging there .. all powerful and totally capable of getting off that cross .. if He wanted to .. yes .. right then and there .. the story could have been rewritten .. but .. it wasn’t .. no sweet friends .. for He .. was on a mission to save the world from itself .. and because of that .. He took our mess and our sins .. right on .. His very shoulders .. so that we .. could have a relationship with God through Him .. haha .. it’s not funny .. but yet .. I chuckle when I think about it .. simply because .. I’ve read the end of the story and know what’s ahead .. oh yes .. His death was the ultimate in humility .. the ultimate in love .. and .. the ultimate in doing what was right .. no matter the cost .. for simply .. He had to fulfill the prophesy of Isaiah .. who tells us not only the way He would suffer .. but .. why as well .. it was all planned from the beginning .. that’s right folks .. as I think of this day .. my mind goes to a song that my friend Linda would sing .. and so beautifully I might add .. you probably know it .. “Via Dolorosa” .. “the way of the cross .. the way of the suffering” .. the street where Jesus carried the cross on the way to Golgotha after being sentenced to death .. for .. He had been whipped and beaten .. a thorn of crowns placed on His head .. and then .. made to carry that crossbeam through this narrow street to Golgotha .. where He was crucified .. the place where .. both of His hands as well as His feet .. were nailed to the cross .. friends .. this kind of death was slow .. and .. it was excrutiating .. He suffered until every last breath He had within Him .. was gone .. simply for .. you and I .. yes .. haha .. on that day so many years ago .. I don’t imagine anything was good about it .. for .. you see .. the end of the book had not been written yet .. His Followers that day .. were sad and heartbroken .. their hope had died .. yes friends .. today is the day to remember our loss .. but yet .. celebrate our ultimate gain .. for we know that we know that we know .. that .. again and again and again .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life”



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