I have learned to be grateful for all things .. even the trials .. and .. the worries .. for friends ..  you see .. when we keep a grateful heart .. a humble heart follows ..  it’s when we keep this  “attitude of gratitude” toward God .. that we become joyful for everything single thing we receive ..  up or down .. good or bad ..  it just doesn’t matter …  simply because ..  it is then .. we are able to pass along to others what He’s revealed to us through this process .. for we know .. the more we walk with Him .. the more of His truths  .. will flow through us .. friends .. He is awesome .. after all .. He is .. the Way .. the Truth .. and .. the Life .. haha .. that’s right .. the winning trifecta ..  oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“Give thanks in all circumstances .. for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you”



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