Something about that first cup of coffee .. coupled with .. that first thought of gratitude .. haha .. together .. can simply make the day go in the direction it needs to go .. yes friends .. when we get up in the morning .. if we can open our eyes and thank God for a new day .. right out of the shoot .. haha .. we’re off to a good start .. oh .. I’m not saying the enemy won’t try to do his part in attacking us at some point in the day .. however .. when our hearts are full of gratitude .. and yes .. our minds are set on victory .. haha .. it’s a hard fight for him to fight .. yes sweet friends .. when we keep a steadfast pace throughout our day .. when we stay mindful that He is indeed with us .. leading us and guiding us along the way .. that old enemy .. he’s gonna run .. haha .. and yes .. he’s gonna run fast .. for although .. he would love for us to be his trophy for the day .. haha .. he’s simply not able to get past .. “our refuge and our strength” .. no way .. for we are safe and secure under His mighty hand .. and no .. nothing absolutely nothing .. can change that fact .. so .. haha .. come on now .. it’s a beautiful new day .. let’s get it on! .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“God is our refuge and strength .. a very present help in trouble”


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