Most of us that live here .. in some form or fashion .. are in the service industry .. and .. as we all know .. “the customer is always right” .. haha .. or .. at least we’re suppose to act like they are .. that’s right .. even when they are down right demanding .. we’re to put a smile on our face .. and .. do the best we can .. to meet their needs .. and .. the truth is .. this works much better .. with a servants heart .. I’m not talking about customer service .. I’m talking about a servants heart .. you know .. truly loving others .. for .. after all .. that’s what Jesus did .. think about it .. He had all the power in the world .. to do .. anything He wanted .. yet .. He humbly walked Himself .. right down onto this earth .. to serve .. He listened to those in need .. he healed the hurt .. He sacrificed His own life for those .. who did not appreciate Him .. one bit .. nor .. did they understand .. the magnitude of His gift .. so friends .. as we start this week .. let’s ask Him to give us a heart like His .. for.. it simply takes .. His Spirit working within us .. to serve others .. without expecting anything in return .. so with that .. my question is .. “How may I help you?” .. haha .. let’s do this people .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“For you were called to freedom, brothers .. only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh .. but through love serve one another “

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