Friends .. anxiety .. it can be a real problem .. we’ve all faced it .. haha .. and no .. it’s simply .. not a glamorous one to face .. and no .. it’s not even one we like to talk about .. for simply .. haha .. it brings to light all that we don’t know .. or .. can’t ever know .. so basically .. it’s become a quiet issue .. an issue that sinks its root deep into our hearts and minds .. but .. haha .. rarely makes it to our lips .. oh no .. we don’t want to talk about it for fear we will look unfaithful to God .. so .. we let it grow wild into the darkness of our soul .. haha .. oh but friends .. what we must remember .. the enemy .. he loves dark places .. and yes .. there’s no better place for him to enter to simply .. make us feel alone .. for yes .. he wants us to feel like we can’t talk about what we’re going through .. because no one can really understand .. oh but friends .. I’m here to tell you this morning .. this is a great big fat lie .. that’s right .. haha .. for there are people who understand .. and yes .. who want to listen .. and friends .. the ones who dismiss us .. are only fearful themselves .. for the truth is .. we’re all free to shed light on our struggles .. for when we do .. the darkness .. haha .. is stopped dead in its track .. for friends .. we’re made to talk to one another .. to share each others burdens .. and yes .. to encourage each other daily .. while serving each another in love .. haha .. and yes yes . we’re talking about that sweet sweet .. Jesus kind of love .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Bear one another’s burdens .. and so fulfill the law of Christ”


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