Friends .. it’s practicing tolerance in all that we think  .. and yes .. in all that we do that will make a difference in our life .. and yes .. in the lives of others around us .. for the truth is ..  tolerance for others is about appreciating diversity .. it’s about being willing to live .. and yes .. let others live too .. and friends ..  it’s when we fail to tolerate others beliefs .. their ways of being .. and yes .. even their opinions .. that we’ll find  .. that yes ..  the end result can be discrimination and hate .. and no .. none of us want any of that action .. haha .. so yes .. we mindfully and steadily practice the gift of tolerance that God so graciously gave us .. for yes .. when we do .. we’ll simply find .. that  yes .. it really is the heart of living peacefully .. for yes .. love is at the root .. and yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Judge not .. that you be not judged”


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