I have a friend .. he calls me “Punkin”  ..  his name is Tom Smith .. I call him Tommy ..  oh .. and I .. I love him big .. a lot of you know him  .. and .. also know .. he is moving away from the beach .. he is a kind man that looks after his awesome mom .. they are inseparable .. if I didn’t love him for any other reason than that .. it would be enough .. but I love him for so much more ..  for you see ..  his friendship has been an amazing experience ..  as .. true friendships .. they are few and far between .. especially for someone like me .. haha .. yep .. I’m a handful .. for sure .. but he has been the honest and real definition of a true friend .. as we know it .. yes .. a friend .. sincerely loves .. gives wise counsel ..  remains totally loyal ..  forgives freely ..  and ..  is completely .. one hundred percent .. concerned about our well being …  and my friend ..  he has been all of that to me ..  and more .. so .. as I was thinking a bout him ..  and how .. he has stuck with me through some of the hardest times in my life .. I ask God to help me find the words to describe .. our friendship .. and .. He took me where the principle of friendship  is explained .. “Can two walk together .. except they be agreed?” …  you see .. friends are of like mind .. and the truth that comes from this .. is simple .. a friendship is a relationship that is entered into by each of us ..  and ..  it is only as good .. or .. as close as we .. choose to make it ..  for we know .. it has been said .. that if we can count our true friends on the fingers of one hand ..  we are blessed .. for a  friend .. they are someone with whom we can be ourselves  ..  while never fearing ..  that he or she will judge us  ..  yes  ..  a friend .. is someone that we can confide in with complete trust .. a friend is someone ..  we respect and that respects us ..  never based on worthiness .. but .. based on a likeness of mind .. people ..  we are all blessed to have been adopted into the family of God .. and .. to have been made friends of Jesus .. and .. in return ..  we are called to be good friends to one another .. and today .. I can only pray .. to be  .. a good as good a friend to others .. as Tommy has been to me ..  I love you Brother ..  enjoy your new ride … oh yeah people ..  Love Wins Period.

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends”


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