Friends .. as Believers our purpose on this earth is to prepare ourselves for the Kingdom of our God .. haha .. and yes .. in doing so .. we seek to walk in the light of Christ .. we walk in His light with our neighbor on the same path .. haha .. not only seeking Paradise .. but .. also becoming friends with them .. and yes .. with Him .. for the truth is .. He’s truly the best friend we can ever have .. for yes .. He loves us .. He loves our friends .. He loves our neighbors .. and yes .. He even loves those who hate us .. haha .. so .. with both hands we pray .. and yes .. we give Him honor and glory .. for friends .. when we walk outside .. we have to face this world around us .. we don’t live in isulation .. no .. each one of us has been placed in His world .. simply so .. haha .. His love can flow through us to each and everyone we meet .. haha .. and friends .. as we’re ravelling through .. we can’t let our hearts become cold .. no .. for we must always do .. all we can do .. to simply show .. that same friendship He has for us .. toward each and every person we meet .. oh yes .. I know at times this can be hard .. but friends .. it’s when we follow this formula .. if you will .. it is then .. we’ll find true peace within our soul .. for simply .. as where there is love for God .. and yes .. love for one another .. Christ dwells within .. haha .. and yes .. what a blessing it is .. for now .. that coldness we’ve felt toward one another .. has simply turned .. haha .. into love toward one another .. and yes sweet friends .. again and again and again .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“By this everyone will know that you are My disciples .. if you love one another”


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