The lines to one of my favorite songs .. simply sings .. ” trouble you can’t fool me .. I see you behind that tree .. trouble you can’t fool me .. trying to get the ups on me ” .. haha .. can’t remember who wrote it .. but yes .. it sure has a catchy tune .. and yes .. this morning it has me thinking on just how .. haha .. we look at our troubles so differently from the way God looks at them .. no .. He doesn’t look at our troubles the way we do .. where we see stress .. He sees opportunities .. where we see crisis .. He sees growth and betterment .. His sole purpose in times of crisis and trouble is to teach us .. His beloved children .. precious .. and yes .. mighty lessons .. He uses them to educate and build us up .. and friends .. it’s when we learn from them while riding them out .. that yes .. we see the great promise fulfilled .. haha .. that’s right sweet friends¬† .. we’ll see His glorious reward in the end .. so yes .. we open our eyes and see the joy .. and yes .. the opportunities through the times of troubles .. for yes .. it’s then we’ll learn .. that yes ..¬† there’s a sweet and wonderful joy that we can have there too .. for yes .. we can learn to make our life joy filled by seizing the crisis and growing from it .. while yes .. becoming the person that we’re capable of being .. for not only for our own benefit .. but yes .. for His glory ..¬† for yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Not only that .. but we also glory in our sufferings .. because we know that suffering produces perseverance .. perseverance .. character .. and character .. hope”


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