Forgiveness is a funny thing .. we seek it both for others .. and yes .. even for ourselves .. and yes .. what I’ve personally found to be true is that when we honestly do forgive .. haha .. we’re no long controlled by the pain associated with it .. for yes ..  the pain of unforgiveness can be heavy laden .. oh .. we may remember the occurrence .. but .. it will no longer have power over our thinking or our behavior .. for yes sweet friends ..  forgiving is so much better than forgetting .. however .. haha .. our God  .. He does both .. He never stays angry .. for yes .. He loves to show mercy and compassion to us all  ..  that’s right .. He stomps on our confessed sins .. and yes .. He throws them into the gulf ..  think about it  .. His unending love .. and yes .. style of forgiveness serves as a model for us as we attempt to forgive with mercy and compassion while never worrying about how we’ll forget .. simply because  .. it really doesn’t matter .. for the truth is  .. all we have to do is let go .. and yes .. let Him do His work in us .. for yes .. He is love .. and yes .. always and forever ..  haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Bearing with one another and .. if one has a complaint against another .. forgiving each other .. as the Lord has forgiven you .. so you also must forgive”



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