Hospitality .. haha .. it not about glamorous table settings or platters of picture perfect food .. although .. that’s what we received last night when we visited the new home of Borago .. a picture perfect setting on the Bay .. where immediately .. walking in the door .. we felt at home .. we were welcomed and loved from the minute we arrived .. these people .. they’re our friends .. they’re your friends .. they’ve worked hard .. they’ve been shuffled around .. and now .. haha .. they’ve found their home .. yes .. we all go through trials and heartaches in our lives .. and yes .. we wonder what the heck’s happening .. haha .. but yet .. we trust though it all .. for simply .. we know .. there must be a purpose .. and .. God will see us through .. so .. we simply .. buckle down and do our thing .. while Bob and I sat and looked across the bay .. watching the kids play on the shore .. my heart grew full as I thought of the many days and hours these people worked to get this building ready for this opening day .. haha .. yes .. the building owner .. along side .. the restaurant owners .. their incredible staff .. and .. friends .. made magic happen last night .. that’s right .. these people .. they worked side by side to give us a place to where .. we can .. “come home” .. for .. that room .. wow .. it was bustling with excitement .. people were laughing .. they were hugging their friends as they passed by .. even the ones that didn’t know each other .. knew each other .. haha .. yes friends .. it’s true .. every person we saw .. was totally enjoying .. every minute of their time in this wonderful space .. and again .. no .. hospitality is not about pretty plates and awesome food .. although .. both fit in nicely with this particular plan .. haha .. but .. true hospitality is about .. trusting in the “wierd”.. and simply .. practicing servanthood .. and friends .. these people I’ve been talking about .. each and every one of them .. have hearts to serve .. but .. more importantly .. their love for Him shines ever so bright as they make us all .. feel pretty darn special .. haha .. just the way .. He had it planned all along .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him .. who have been called according to His purpose”

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