Many believe we draw closer to God through blessings .. however .. the truth is  … we discover God’s true love accompanied by His mercy and grace through difficult situations and the circumstances that surround them .. haha .. for yes .. adversity is part of life .. and yes ..  we can view it as a burden or as a bridge .. for friends .. if God’s grace is sufficient for us .. and yes .. we believe this to be true .. then yes .. we can cross the bridge of making everything we face .. along with every adversity .. and yes .. every trial .. haha .. a tool to make us stronger ..  a tool to make us more compassionate .. a tool to become more loving .. a tool to make us more gentle .. and yes .. a tool to make us more kind … for yes sweet friends .. we’ll find that it’s then .. we can truly help one another .. simply because .. we understand what we’re all going through .. and yes ..  because we know that we know that we know .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period

“Rejoice in hope .. be patient in tribulation .. be constant in prayer”


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