Yesterday afternoon Pop Bob and I met Donald and the girls over at the Destin Commons to go bowling .. haha .. those little girls .. sweeter than ever .. we laughed .. we played .. Graycyn won .. beat us all .. even Pop Bob .. haha .. we had a so much fun .. after we finished bowling and had dinner .. we headed to the play area .. and then .. without question .. we went for ice cream .. oh my goodness .. those babies .. they love their ice cream .. as we all do .. me .. to get as few points as possible I had a couple sips of vanilla shake and handed it off to Pop Bob .. simply ’cause .. points don’t matter to him .. haha .. we’re all so different .. yet the same .. so now .. after being informed by dad that shortly .. we’ll experience these two little angels on a .. “sugar rush hour” .. haha .. he thought best we walk it off .. and indeed .. the hour began .. just as he said .. but .. we didn’t care .. we were having fun .. we walked on down to Bass Pro Shop to see the fish .. as G and I were standing on one side of the tank .. we noticed a couple of girls in a cubby on the other side waving at us .. she was curious as to where they were sitting .. so we walked around to take a look .. it was a large port hole where you could sit and basically feel like you’re in the tank with the fish .. y’all probably know where I’m talking about .. as we moved up into the port hole .. I reached out and touched the glass that was set back into the tank .. G got scared .. she thought the fish might hurt me .. I explained about the glass being there and even though we couldn’t really see it .. it was in fact there .. and .. that it would .. protect us from the big fish .. and that .. because of the way the glass was shaped .. it gave us the feeling of being in the water with them .. she didn’t like that idea .. it still scared her .. so .. I went on to explain to her .. there was no need to worry .. she didn’t have to be afraid .. she could touch that glass .. IF .. she wanted to .. simply because .. she could trust her MiMi when she told her it would be ok .. for .. I would never tell her to do anything that I knew would hurt her .. simply because .. I love her soooo big .. and then .. haha .. it happened .. on her own time .. and .. in only a few short minutes .. as we sat quietly in that port watching the big fish swim by .. she reached in carefully and touched the glass .. friends .. the look on her face when she realized those big fish could swim right passed her hand and never touch her .. was a moment in time that I won’t ever forget .. the relief and excitement on her face when she knew .. what I said was true .. was pure delight .. she overcame her fear .. simply because .. she trusted me and what I said .. haha .. yes and .. as I sit and reflect on it this morning .. I can see how .. it’s the same way with us and God .. we want to trust Him .. we know we can trust Him .. but sometimes .. we’re just too scared .. as we’re young .. it’s because we just don’t know .. as we get older .. we find .. something has happened somewhere in time that has made us afraid .. we’ve lost trust in something or in someone .. and friends .. to trust something we can’t see .. is sometimes hard .. oh but .. when we let go of our fear and give to Him .. you know .. things like .. the fear of trusting in itself .. the fear of not having control .. the fear of forgiving so not to be hurt again .. or simply .. the fear of reaching out and touching that glass in the port hole at Bass Pro .. what we must remember is this .. the enemy wants us to be afraid .. so afraid .. that we stay immobilized and distant .. but friends .. listen up .. God .. He calls us to be bold .. and .. if we have the tendency to not take chances in life .. simply because .. we’re afraid .. He wants us to know .. He’s pleased with us when we try .. for what really matters is .. we step out in faith and believe .. for friends .. it took me a while .. but I finally came to the “realization” that some things .. are bigger than me .. and .. in my own strength I can’t defeat them .. but .. I can trust .. God can and will .. so friends .. let’s move through this life .. remembering the promises He has given us .. while .. holding on to each one by name .. for now .. we simply can .. let it go .. for .. we now .. totally trust in Him .. and we now .. are ready .. to live the fearless life He wants for us to live .. with absolutely .. no fear .. simply because .. He loves us .. soooo big .. haha .. oh yeah people .. LoveWinsPeriod

“When I am afraid .. I put my trust in you”



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