Disappointment .. it’s mean .. it speaks of failure .. of not measuring up .. and .. of pure frustration .. it sits right down on our soul and utterly deflates it .. it comes to us in so many ways .. something as trivial as a movie that failed to deliver .. or .. as severe as a blow to the heart that sends us whirling ..  yes .. disappointment .. it’s far from hope .. it can totally debilitate us .. it can and  will .. if we let it .. turn inward to ourselves .. outward toward another .. and .. it can even turn toward God .. but friends .. listen up .. our God .. He is big enough .. His love is fierce enough .. to deal with anything we feel or face .. so we stop .. and .. we acknowledge the reality  ..  life can deeply disappoint us .. His Word doesn’t shy away from it .. nor should we .. it’s how we handle the disappointment that matters .. we can no longer allow ourselves to feel tempted to throw in the towel .. no .. we can’t lose weeks .. months  .. even years of our lives trying to recover from something we feared would destroy us and when the storm settles ..  haha .. we see again .. He was in control all along no matter how it appeared or how we felt .. yes .. it hurts .. yet .. pain doesn’t have to become our enemy .. for .. disappointment is part of life .. we don’t need to view it as a disaster .. but as an appointment .. to learn and grow .. as .. a pathway to real hope .. so .. for this very reason .. we recognize disappointment as a turn in the tide .. not the end of the journey .. knowing that .. He cares and He loves .. more profoundly than we will ever know .. oh yeah .. again and again .. Love Wins Period

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