When we ask God for guidance .. haha .. we can certainly visualize the end result .. however .. we must leave the “how” it’s going to happen up to Him .. that’s right .. this universe .. it’s way too complex of a place .. and yes .. our minds .. haha .. are way too limited to fully understand all the ways He can .. and yes .. will meet our needs .. it’s always when we think a situation is going to work out a certain way .. that we find most of the time .. it works out in a totally unexpected way .. and yes .. on a totally different schedule than we ever anticipated .. yes sweet friends .. Our God .. He loves to surprise us .. and yes .. He loves to provide for us .. haha .. all we have to do is get out of the way .. and yes  .. allow Him to do it in His way .. and yes .. in His timing .. therefore ..  leaving us to live resting peacefully in His unconditional love .. and yes .. in the quiet glorious expectation of good .. haha .. and friends .. I don’t about you . but me .. I think it’s the perfect spot to rest our bones .. for yes .. haha ..  oh yeah .. love wins period

“As water reflects the face .. so a man’s heart .. reflects the man”


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