Friends .. as we all grow older and we move through this life .. one of the most valuable lessons we can learn .. and yes .. trust .. is simply .. God’s timing is always perfect .. haha .. and yes .. when we begin to truly understand and rely on this .. life becomes much simpler .. we learn to savor each moment by trusting Him .. we learn to relax and enjoy our lives .. instead of wishing it away .. or simply .. wasting precious time worrying .. haha .. for friends .. it’s when we appreciate today’s blessings .. and yes .. trust that He will provide what we need when we need it .. we become free and able .. to live in perfect peace .. for simply .. we know without a shadow of doubt .. He is the One who holds the past .. the present .. and .. the future in His mighty hands .. and yes .. we can simply rest .. in His loving care .. which simply .. makes for much easier and productive days .. haha .. gotta love growing older and getting a little bit wiser .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“Wait for the Lord .. be strong .. and let your heart take courage .. wait for the Lord!”

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