Our faith in God doesn’t prevent grief .. but simply .. infuses it with hope .. so friends .. grieve .. oh yes .. it’s bitter .. but .. sorrow has to run it’s course .. and .. while doing so .. we can put our faith in Him and His promises .. allowing His comfort to take hold .. as He wraps His arms around each .. of His hurting children .. yes friends .. as we move through the days and weeks ahead .. we simply .. reach out and lift each other up .. we seek His guidance as we move through the process .. allowing His hand to work it .. for some sort of good .. for friends .. we’re strong .. we’ll continue to love .. in spite of the pain .. the tears.. and .. the heartbreak we feel .. for we know from experience .. pain makes us stronger .. tears make us braver .. and .. the heartbreak .. can and will .. make us wiser .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“To everything there is a season .. a time for every purpose under heaven .. a time to weep .. and a time to laugh .. a time to mourn .. and a time to dance”








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