Friends .. we need to trust Our God .. we need to trust Him everyday with every little .. and yes .. every big thing that comes our way .. for yes .. it’s in the middle of our pain and questions that we need Him most .. and yes .. because He’s never promised us a pain free life in this world .. if we wait until the pain and doubt go away .. we’ll never trust Him .. however .. He’s promised to be with us .. He’s promised to comfort us .. and yes .. He’s promised to strengthen us .. and yes .. His promise is to do this in the middle of it all .. so yes .. as we hold on to His promise while looking at His record of His faithfulness to His promise.. we’re able to purposely make the decision to trust Him .. for yes sweet friends .. when we become willing to practice wholeheartedly this choice .. or yes .. even willing to be willing to practice this choice .. it’s then .. we’ll be empowered .. that’s right .. we’ll be totally empowered by His strength while comforted by His peace .. and yes oh yes .. what a wonderfully glorious place this is to live .. to know in our heart that no matter what we’re going through or ever going to have to go through in this life .. He’s got our backs .. and yes .. He loves us big .. and yes .. His love is the only love that can truly move us through .. for yes .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Rejoice in hope .. be patient in tribulation .. be constant in prayer”

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