Friends ..  there is absolutely no one ..  and yes .. haha … I repeat .. no one ..  that can ever  take us out of God’s family .. oh yes .. the enemy .. haha .. he’ll do all he can to cause us to be discouraged and to fail .. haha .. but friends .. Our God .. He’s simply begun a good work in us .. and yes  .. we can be sure that He will continue that good work ..  haha .. for you see .. it’s so important for us to understand how that old enemy attacks .. most of his antics ..  well .. they have much to do with simply putting wrong thoughts in our mind .. he’ll do all he can to make us doubt .. that’s right .. however ..  bottom line .. haha .. no matter what .. when .. or .. where  .. we must stand firm in our faith .. for simply .. His love for us is “truth” .. and .. “truth” .. is what we use to overcome those silly antics that are used to attack us  .. for simply .. His “truth” is where our freedom lies .. that’s right friends .. for yes .. we’ll face trials and troubles .. oh but  .. when we do .. we can rest assure that our loving Father .. will always be here to intercede for us .. it’s His promise .. and yes .. His promises are the one thing we can always count on til the end of time .. and that my friends is .. “simple truth” ..  haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

“Being confident of this very thing .. that He which has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ”


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