Friends .. they’ll always be times in our lives .. when we find ourselves .. totally frustrated with the circumstances surrounding us .. and yes .. haha .. we may ask why .. but friends .. the truth is .. frustration is simply the result of living in a broken world .. no more and no less .. we’ll never be able to avoid pain and suffering .. for simply .. there’ll be times .. when it’s simply .. gonna rear it’s ugly head .. haha .. and .. we’re simply .. going to have to deal with it .. oh yes .. pain hurts .. and .. if we aren’t careful .. that pain .. it can lead to bitterness .. and .. we’ve all learned at some point in time .. exactly what bitterness can do .. it’s like a poison that eats us alive .. and .. goes straight for our heart .. that’s right .. when we become bitter toward someone .. it doesn’t hurt them .. it only hurt ourselves .. haha .. self destruction .. we all know this so well .. most of us have been partaking in this for years .. but friends .. what we have to understand .. is yes .. we’re going to face pain as we travel through life .. however .. we have a choice on how we allow it to effect us .. we can simply .. allow it to make us bitter .. or .. make us better .. personally .. I’ve allowed both .. and yes .. the latter .. is where we want .. and need .. to be .. trust me .. haha .. moaning and groaning .. it gets us nowhere .. oh but .. staying sweet through the suffering .. takes us straight to freedom .. haha .. for friends .. what we know .. that we know .. that we know .. God is for us .. He uses everything for our good .. He wants us to succeed .. and .. He’ll give us what we need to do so .. haha .. simple as that .. so .. bottom line .. in reality .. He solved our biggest problem when He paid for all our sins .. including the those that are yet to come .. and friends .. the way I see it .. if He cared enough to save us .. and give us .. the gift of eternal life .. I’m pretty sure He cares about our daily problems as well .. haha .. you’ve heard it before .. and .. I’ll say it again .. if it’s big enough to worry about .. it’s big enough to pray about .. and friends .. when we pray about it .. haha .. we won’t have to worry about it .. so .. trusting in this very truth .. without a doubt .. we can always shout .. haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period
“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him .. who’ve been called according to His purpose”

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