When we’ve done something wrong and we confess to God .. we’re forgiven .. with Him it’s absolute .. just as though what we did never happened .. and .. that is a glorious thing .. oh but friends  .. we have to be careful .. for .. it we are not truly remorseful .. we may find ourselves using His grace as an escape .. meaning .. we may find ourselves repeating the same mistake .. over and over again .. only to find ourselves asking .. again and again ..  for His forgiveness for the same old thing ..  it’s when we recognize how what we’ve done hurts Him .. our loving Father .. and we are genuinely remorseful ..  that we will  find ourselves in a .. “turn around” .. away from the wrong direction .. never looking back ..  straight to the One who calls us His beloved ..  oh yeah ..  Love Wins Period

“Therefore .. if anyone is in Christ .. he is a new creation ..  the old has gone .. the new has come!”


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