It’s Christmas week! .. and yes sweet friends .. everyday when we awake .. we have the opportunity to sit and think about just what it means to us .. after all .. haha .. it is indeed .. the most wonderful time of year .. think about it .. it’s a time filled with peace and hope .. sitting itself at the end of one year .. and yes .. at the beginning of the next .. sitting right at the very crossroads of the past .. and yes .. at the future that lies ahead .. haha .. our previous year with its blessings along with its trials will be gone .. with a brand new year ahead .. full of uncertainty .. and yes .. mixed with excitement to see .. just what He’ll bring on next .. for yes .. this is the time of year we celebrate His love .. the birth of Jesus Christ .. that perennial bright spot on our calendar given to us .. simply because .. God Himself wanted us to continually live with .. and yes celebrate .. “Christmas Hope” .. for yes yes yes .. it’s a time centered around the greatest love story ever told .. the story of His greatest gift given .. simply to meet .. our greatest need .. and this wonderful story of Hope .. haha .. it’s retold year after year .. while never losing its majesty .. and never ever .. ceasing to fill our hearts with wonder .. for yes sweet friends .. it’s that simple and glorious reminder .. that yes .. it’s so very true .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“She will give birth to a Son .. and you are to give Him the name Jesus .. because He will save His people from their sins”

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