Life has a funny way of dealing it’s deck ..  for me .. and ..  for most all of us .. it’s not been a steady stroll through time ..  no ..  most our lives .. have and will .. continue to be ..  filled with change .. we change schools .. careers .. relationships .. and .. appearance .. as quickly as the waves rush the shore .. and no .. not all change is by choice .. for .. things happen .. tragedy strikes  .. cherished friendships change .. marriages dissolve .. or .. someone we love .. makes a choice and cuts directly across our own .. leaving us in a place .. where we never wanted to be .. oh yes .. change .. whether by choice or not  ..  can disrupt us to the point of not knowing just how .. we can keep it all together .. and ..  as always ..  there’s the unchangeable .. the irreversible .. you know .. the longing to go back and begin again .. haha .. to undo those mistakes while taking away the pain that was caused by them .. oh .. but friends .. this is totally impossible .. and simply .. won’t ever happen  .. so now .. as Believers ..  we need to look at the facts .. we need to step back .. look at ourselves with a steady eye .. and know  .. although He never changes .. He’s there with us .. through .. all our change .. haha .. think about it .. we trust Him with our eternal fate .. but yet .. we find it difficult to trust Him for our everyday needs .. yes .. our assumption that He does not really understand the complex people He has made .. constantly keeps us hanging on to bits and pieces of our lives .. as well as  ..  deceived by the enemy’s ancient lie .. that Our God .. does not want what’s best for us  ..  so .. it’s really quite simple ..  in knowing and trusting in His unchanging truth .. and .. life deals it’s deck .. we can be totally reassured  .. He never changes  .. we can trust ..  He’ll never leave us .. nor ..  will He forsake us .. so .. hang on friends .. whether we’re sailing smooth or through rough seas .. we have the opportunity to see Him steer  .. IF  .. we want to  .. haha ..  wow .. oh yeah people ..  Love Wins Period

” Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever”


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