Friends .. as I sit here this morning .. as I do most every morning .. .. reading .. pondering .. and yes .. haha .. definitely praying about what to write about that will help us .. while yes .. give us “food for thought” for the day .. haha .. it continually dawns on me .. and yes .. I think we can all agree while finding it awesomely wonderful .. haha .. that through our trials .. our tribulations .. and yes .. even our victories .. each of us have the opportunity to build up a pure “unshakable faith” in God .. as well as .. in His total ability to give us all that we need .. for friends .. I personally and wholeheartedly believe that by simply having these quiet times each morning .. no matter the time of day our morning may be .. that yes .. we’re simply able to start the day renewed and refreshed while constantly building that glorious unshakable faith until it becomes .. a part of our very being ..”a strongly held habit” .. haha .. for friends .. the truth is .. when we keep feeding these quiet times on a regular basis .. our thoughts become filled with all that is good .. all that is harmonious .. all that is beautiful .. and yes .. all that is delightful .. so yes! .. when we’ve have our quiet time .. with our mindset in place and our unshakable faith is in tow .. haha .. we’re ready to roll .. and yes sweet friends .. roll we will .. for simply .. we know that we know that we know .. He’s got things for us to do .. and yes .. He’s given each of us the ability .. haha .. to do them well .. so .. with this truth strapped to our heart .. we get up .. we get out .. and yes .. we get our .. “love on” .. for yes yes yes .. without a doubt .. we simply know .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty”


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