Friends ..  make no mistake .. all of us are really good at some things .. yet .. haha .. not good at all things .. oh yes  .. some people think they’re good at everything .. however .. they’re not ..  for you see .. God has designed each one of us personally .. and yes .. it’s when we fully engage our personal talents while staying the course .. they eventually get converted into strengths .. and yes .. it’s when we’re operating in our strengths that we gain great joy .. for yes .. together our unique mixture of character .. talents .. life experiences .. personalities .. and yes .. even struggles merge together and spark a vision within each of us .. for simply .. the more we engage in our strengths .. the more He can do through us .. for yes .. it’s with our God-given talents transforming into strengths that we become radically motivated .. we find ourselves needing less with less prodding from the outside .. for the truth is ..  this repetitive practice produces warriors capable of making giant contributions in this world we live .. haha .. just as He planned for each and every one of us .. so yes ..  again and again and again ..  haha .. oh yeah .. Love Wins Period

As each has received a gift .. use it to serve one another .. as good stewards of God’s varied grace.


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