Friends .. if the time’s not right and the way’s not clear .. haha .. we need to wait .. we need to push back that feeling of urgency .. and yes .. haha .. we need to wait .. for friends .. we can never plunge forward in a mud ridden road .. for the truth is .. waiting is a God guided action .. that’s right .. it has every bit as much power as a decision .. and yes .. even more power that an urgent .. and yes .. untimely decision .. haha .. for friends .. when the time’s right .. we’ll know .. for it’s then .. we’ll move forward naturally .. full of peace .. and yes .. total consistency .. haha .. oh I know .. waiting isn’t easy .. nor is it much fun .. however .. we can never let panic .. urgency .. or fear .. dictate or control our decisions .. so we wait .. and again .. we do it patiently .. living in the very moment .. for truly .. that’s all we have .. and friends .. when we do this .. haha .. He’ll help us let go of the panic ..He’ll help us let go of the fear .. and yes .. we’ll simply learn the art of patiently waiting until the time is right .. haha .. for yes .. we can trust His timing will always and forever be .. the best time ever .. haha .. oh yeah .. love wins period
“For still the vision awaits its appointed time .. it hastens to the end .. it will not lie.. if it seems slow .. wait for it .. it will surely come .. it will not delay”

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