Last night I was reminiscing about a past event to a friend .. she found it funny and asked me if I was working on “my book” .. haha .. I said no .. not yet .. as I can’t seem to wrap my head around .. if I did write one .. where the heck would I even start .. so .. I said .. you know .. maybe I should start with a few short stories .. we all have so many .. funny .. sad .. and .. those .. just plain entertaining ones .. so I say “hey .. maybe we could make some $$ off of this” .. she laughed .. with the punch line following .. ” Cheri .. even if you never make a dime .. that kind of stuff is good for you” .. haha .. which I followed with the tune of .. “Let it go .. Let it go” .. funny stuff .. but friends .. it’s the truth .. we do need to let things go .. it’s a constant struggle for some of us .. those past hurts and shames .. they follow us .. just when we think they’re gone and dealt with .. bamm .. they rise up and bite us again .. and .. it’s so true .. the more we talk about what has us bound .. the more light it brings to our soul .. and that .. “stuff ” .. it can’t live in the light .. and ..we certainly do need to let it go .. for friends .. the bottom line .. every single time .. comes down to a choice .. we can either choose to stay fully bound up in our past .. we can .. continue to throw pity parties .. and .. we can .. continue to blame everyone and everything for our miseries .. or .. sweet friends .. we can choose to rise up and make a brand new fresh start with God .. simply .. by choosing to fully surrender our entire life into His hands .. and then .. truly and honestly .. work with Him .. to get our past fully cleaned up .. for .. it is then .. we will start to fully .. live in the present .. that’s right .. we are now flying .. right on into that divine destiny .. He has already well planned out for each of our lives .. and yes .. I have to say .. my friend is right .. this kind of .. “stuff” .. haha .. it is .. good for us .. woo hoo .. let it go .. let it go .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period.
“Remember not the former things .. nor consider the things of old .. Behold .. I am doing a new thing .. now it springs forth .. do you not perceive it? .. I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert”

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