I love this onion peeling process going on in my life right now .. as a matter of fact .. I would suggest this “peeling off” to anyone and everyone .. for simply .. we all have stuff in our lives we could learn to be content about .. haha .. for friends .. contentment .. contrary to popular belief .. simply does not mean .. being satisfied where we are .. but .. instead .. it’s in knowing God’s plan for our lives .. and .. having the pure conviction to live it .. as well as .. believing wholeheartedly .. that His peace is greater than anything happening around us .. we .. in our human state .. so often get involved in the day to day grind of what we do .. that we simply forget .. our real purpose in life .. and that my friends .. is to serve Him .. we find our lives are out of balance .. and .. with not knowing how to turn things back around .. we buy things or we get rid of things .. trying as we might .. to bring back the balance .. haha .. yet .. nothing seems to work .. so again .. what we need to understand .. is simply .. our service for Him .. does not .. consist of what we do .. or .. of what we give .. no way .. it depends on who we are .. that’s right .. for friends .. it’s when we give Him control .. that .. He gives us ways to serve .. we won’t need to make anything up to be of use to Him .. no way .. for .. the truth is .. His love for us is so big .. that all we have to do .. is turn to Him .. to find .. He’s reaching out with a silver platter .. a zestful and fruitful life .. simply .. as His gift to us .. for .. us giving our lives to Him .. and friends .. it’s when He’s using us .. and .. our eyes stay focused on Him .. that we’ll find ourselves .. just where He wants us to be .. fully peaceful and fully content .. that’s right .. for friends .. it’s then .. we’ll find ourselves .. “walkin’ in high cotton” .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“You .. my brothers and sisters .. were called to be free .. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh .. rather .. serve one another humbly in love”

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