All around us .. right this very moment .. the enemy is doing all he can to steal and destroy minds and lives .. his job is to devour people little by little .. and friends .. we’re not going to be devoured .. so .. we simply .. right out of the shoot .. totally resist him .. for the truth is .. much of the time .. we don’t even realize that it’s him chewing us up .. until it’s all over .. I mean think about it .. we’ve all sat around depressed for days until we finally get up .. and say .. this is enough .. and then .. we start fighting back .. or .. we just stay depressed .. letting him continue to chew .. haha .. friends .. it’s time we wise up .. for Jesus said .. we are to be.. as wise as the serpents .. haha .. which means .. we not only need to realize when we’re being attacked .. we need to know when he’s approaching .. haha .. and .. we need to firmly decide .. we’re not putting up with this nonsense any more .. we’ll not put up with five seconds of negativism or with five minutes of depression .. for friends .. we don’t have time for his crap .. we’re not wallowing in self pity .. simply because .. it’s not from God .. it’s from the stinkin’ enemy .. for .. confusion .. it’snot of God .. depression .. it’s not of God .. critical thoughts ..simply .. are not of God .. no .. these things all come from the dark .. and friends .. we live in the light .. His light .. so .. in knowing this truth .. we must resist anything associated with any of the above .. when those things come to our mind .. we must refuse to look their way .. for .. it is then we’ll see .. that old enemy .. he’s gonna flee .. haha .. oh yes .. sometimes we may have to get mad .. stomp our feet and shout .. letting him know .. we’re done .. we’ve had enough .. for .. we now .. have our eyes on Jesus .. we’ll no longer look to the left or the right .. if we’re depressed .. confused .. discouraged .. or .. hurt because of what .. someone else has done .. or .. is doing .. we will now .. move our focus off them and to Him .. for He has already overcome the enemy for us .. oh yes .. we know the enemy is real .. but friends .. we’ve been given knowledge .. and .. a rule Book to follow .. and .. we’re not going to quit .. we’re going to use every resource He has given us .. to win .. just like it’s written .. we’re going to live our lives .. by faith and not by sight .. we’re not going to be moved by what we see .. what we feel .. or .. what we hear .. no way .. we’re standing on His Word alone .. for we know the truth .. the enemy .. he is the father of lies and he will lie to us and bring thoughts and circumstances to us that are totally contrary to HIS Word .. so .. in knowing this .. we stay focused on Him and what He says .. we allow it to be etched in our hearts .. so when that old enemy even rears his ugly head .. we are read up .. prayed up .. and .. praised up .. which in turn .. makes us ready and able .. to fight the fight worth fighting .. haha .. no .. I know .. sometimes .. it’s just not easy .. but .. we have the assurance twenty four seven in knowing .. He .. Our God .. constantly has our backs .. and friends .. it can’t get any stronger than that .. for with Him by our side .. we’re standing on safe and sacred ground .. haha .. oh yeah people .. Love Wins Period
“For we live by faith .. not by sight”

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